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Outer Aspect created a Promotional Card for the launch of the Samsung 3D TV
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What is MotionPrint/ Lenticular

Leading the World

Since our innovative beginnings in 1994, Outer Aspect has been at the forefront of MotionPrint or lenticular technology.

MotionPrint is an optical effects process involving lenticular lenses to produce images with an illusion of depth (3D), or the ability to change or move (animation/flip/morph) as the image is viewed from different angles. The technology was created in the 1940's but has evolved hugely in the recent years to show more motion and increased depth.

There are several MotionPrint effects to chose from and you don't need to do anything complicated to your artwork to create these stunning effects - leave that to us! To make sure you get the best results, we do have a couple of pointers to help, so please take a moment to read our MotionPrint Design Guide.


3D Effect:

The 3D Effect creates depth on a normally flat surface. The lenticular 3D effect is generated by splicing several frames together to trick the viewer into seeing the 3D effect. 3D works best when you have several elements in the artwork; objects in the foreground, middle and background as this creates more depth. Ideally, your artwork should be provided as layered files, but we can convert images to 3D from flat photographs.

Zoom Effect:

The lenticular Zoom Effect makes an image appear to move closer or further away. The Zoom Effect works best when the background is common throughout all of the animated images, and the animation has been designed to loop the image with no obvious start or finish. It's a great effect for Point of Sale applications to make objects 'jump out' at customers.

Flip Effect:

The Flip effect is the simplest lenticular animation effect. Flip Effect makes an image flip from one image to the next. The Flip Effect allows between 2 and 5 separate images to be combined and viewed independently when viewed at different angles while moving the lenticular lens. It's a perfect marketing tool for explaining before and after situations.

Full Motion Video:

The lenticular Full Motion Video effect uses multiple frames of an action to show movement from the beginning to the end. It is like watching a movie clip, but on a medium that requires no power. For this, you can supply sequential image frames, or a movie file. Ideal for product demonstrations, time lapse photography, we can utilise up to 24 frames on a standard product and up to 60 frames, or 4 seconds of movie footage on our premium, HD high frame rate product.

Motion Print Design Guide
History of Lenticular

Muybridge Animation

Using the stop motion photography of Eadward Muybridge dating from the 1800's, the Getty Museum team wanted us to create a postcard which replayed famous stop motion images from their Muybridge collection. The end result providing a medium Muybridge himse

The Paul J Getty Museum
Lenticular Postcards

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Absolut Vodka

JC Decaux were looking for a unique way to promote the new limited edition bottles by Absolut.

JC Decaux
Absolut Vodka Bus Shelter Posters

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Dame Edna

Hachette were after an eye catching way to promote Dame Edna's book instore. They chose large format posters with a fun flip effect.

2 Flip
Dame Edna Point of Sale Product

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The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus

The 3D effect on this Sony Home Entertainment DVD cover was the perfect way to portray the fantasy world of The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus.

Sony Home Entertainment
DVD Cover

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