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Outer Aspect created a Promotional Card for the launch of the Samsung 3D TV
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Benefits of MotionPrint

A Lasting Impact

Images created with lenticular printing technology have a greater impact than static images printed with conventional print technology. Lenticular images stick in the viewer’s memory for longer.

Static Image Moving Animated Lenticular Image

The lenticular image is what you see first, because it moves, it catches the eye before the still image does.
The still image will fade into the background as time passes.

MotionPrint allows you to be so much more creative than conventional print. Triple the space available with a 3 flip effect. Make your message leap out and grab people with 3D and Zoom effects. Have movie-like animation on a powerless media!

Not only does it provide you with endless creative ways to effectively get your message across, but moving images are more memorable, and retain customer consciousness for a longer time. In the case of smaller MotionPrint products such as direct mail pieces, tickets, stamps etc, the product actually has more longevity and is often kept as a collector's item or memorabilia.

  • Capture customer's attention at the point of purchase.
  • Highlight new features your product/ service has to offer.
  • Demonstrate your product in action with the powerful animation effects.
  • Build your brand and increase your sales using the proven attention-grabbing impact of lenticular merchandise.
  • Be different and stand out from the crowd.

Our MotionPrint technology can be utilised in a number of media: direct mail pieces, point of sale products, posters, packaging, large format Out of Home Media, stamps, retail products such as cards, magnets, puzzles, cups....the list is endless!

Case Study

Client: Roadshow Entertainment
Project: Underbelly: The Golden Mile Limited Edition DVD Cover
Effect: 6 Flip

Roadshow Entertainment came to us looking for a unique way to present the release of "The Golden Mile" series of Underbelly onto DVD. The brief for their most prominent release of the year was challenging; to get all 6 main characters on the DVD cover. We succeeded by creating a six flip effect, which allowed each character with a different background to flash up as the cover is tilted, and as a bonus, watch the neon outline girl dance!

Barbara Cole

Barbara Cole has been using Outer Aspect for the 3D Conversions of her photography for the past 4 years. Barbara Cole specialises in Underwater Fashion Photography. The 3D conversions effectively capture the movement of the models underwater.

Barbara Cole Photography
3D Conversion

Click to Enlarge

Van Gogh: Sunflowers

Ultilising high resolution transparencies the museum provided from the original masterpiece, we where asked to convert it into a 3D image for their retail development program. Taking on the task as an privilege, our team of designers painstakingly conver

Philadelphia Museum of Art
Puzzles, Posters & Postcards

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American Express

Lowe Hunt was looking for something to stand out from all the direct mail out pieces they had previously used. Our High Definition Animation (HD) exceeded their expectations. Working closely with their computer animation & modelling, images with high fram

American Express
HD Animation
MotionPrint Direct Mail

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Garmin Realview GPS

Marlborough Garmin were looking for a Promotional Piece to showcase how their new product works. The Flip effect was perfectly suited to this Promotional Piece to demonstrate Garmin Realview GPS.

2 flip
Promotional Piece

Click to Enlarge

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