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There are two main lenticular material types: Heavy Gauge, and Fine Gauge. The difference between the two types of gauge is broken down into the viewing distances of the lenticular lens and the lenticular printing method.

As the lenticular material is a lenticule lens; the thicker the lens, the greater the viewing distance. Fine gauge lenticular material tends to be best used for closer viewing distances. Heavy gauge lenticular material tends to be best used for applications with have larger viewing distances such as billboards.

Fine gauge lenticular images are able to be printed through printing presses that allow a very good economy of scale, where heavy gauge needs slower printing and finishing methods because the lenticular lens thickness places restrictions on the printing method.

Large Format (Heavy Gauge) Lenticular Applications:

• 3D Effect Information Posters - Bus/Railway Stations • Lenticular Conferences
• Lenticular Exhibition Displays • Lenticular Animated Backlit Graphics
• Lenticular Indoor & Outdoor Poster Advertising • Lenticular Window Displays
• Lenticular Murals • Lenticular Shopping Centres
• Lenticular Popup Stand Graphics • Lenticular Leisure Centres
• Lenticular Point of Sale/Point of Purchase Displays • Lenticular Vending Machine Panels
• Lenticular Billboards • Lenticular Furniture

Small Format (Fine Gauge) Lenticular Applications:

• Marketing Communications • Lenticular Coasters
• Brand Awareness (Product Recall) • Lenticular Literature Inserts
• Lenticular Postcards • Lenticular Posters (small)
• Lenticular Credit Cards • Lenticular Product Samples
• Lenticular Mouse pads • Lenticular Business Cards
• Lenticular Trading Cards • Lenticular Self Adhesive
• Lenticular Point of Sale • Lenticular Retail Products
• Lenticular Advertising • Lenticular Collectable Cups
• Lenticular Promotional Stickers • Lenticular Shelf Strips
• Lenticular DVD/CD Covers • Lenticular Fridge Magnets
• Lenticular Book Covers • Lenticular Fine Art Prints
• Lenticular Packaging  

Marlborough House

Marlborough House Advertising came to us for a lenticular combination effect for Point of Purchase (POP) items.

Marlborough House Advertising
Lenticular Effect
Combination Effect
Lenticular POP

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Investment NZ

Investment NZ were looking for lenticular zoom and flip products to promote the Lord of the Rings feature films.

Investment NZ
Lenticular Effect
Zoom Effect
Lenticular Mousepads, coasters

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Bendon Ltd

Bendon Ltd asked us for a variety of lenticular items to promote their Elle MacPherson Virtual line of products.

Bendon Ltd
Lenticular Effect
Full Motion Video Effect
Poster, Postcard, Garment Tag

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Central Station

Central Station were looking for lenticular 3D effect Pump Water imagery to be displayed on vending machines.

Central Station
Lenticular Effect
3D Effect
Lenticular Vending Machine

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